Bec ~ mumma, photographer, story keeper


I’m a mumma to three little ones, 7, 5 and 3 and in between the crazy fun juggle of being a mumma, I work as a family photographer on the Gold Coast. I have an amazing husband who is also self-employed so we both work from home together. We love it here and you will often find us down at the beach, up in the mountains or tapping away on our keyboards at one of the local cafes.

I’m a bit of a documenting junkie and love taking photos. Having a camera in hand has been an amazing way to capture and preserve my own family story, the heartfelt, messy, real stories of life together.

Prior to having my own children, I was a social worker and worked in Child Protection. I have amazing parents who opened our home to foster children when I was growing up so it was a super natural progression and something I always felt drawn to, to do work helping people in some capacity.

During the years I worked in child protection, I facilitated a lot of family contacts between children and their biological families. Often it was weeks, months or years between visits and I longed for a way to document these stories in a more heartfelt way to give these children something tangible to hold on to from their childhood.

I started taking my camera along to these sessions and would photograph these families together and create prints and photo books for the children. Thus begun my love of documenting peoples stories and the realisation of how powerful an image can be in preserving a moment in time!

I now run a project called Frames of Hope that is all about documenting these untold stories of hope, resilience and strength.


Fast forward a few years from working in an office, I now have a thriving photography business where I get the opportunity to be invited into many homes to document life, love and all the beautifully messy bits that make up our stories.

During my sessions, there are no rules, expectations or posing. I simply want to capture you loving on your little ones, hanging out with your people and doing the things you love.

When our children have grown up and moved out, only the stories and memories will remain of our time together under one roof.

I want to create images that show the real story of your family. Imagine having images in your hands that beautifully capture the heart of your home, the connection you all share and the little things that you love? 

Sounds pretty great doesn’t it!

I would be honoured to capture your story.

Bec x


+ There isn’t much a good cup of coffee and chocolate can’t fix!

+ I love licorice, books and endless cups of tea on cold nights.

+ My life might look pretty on social but there are plenty of messy floors, piles of washing and endless to do lists here.


+ I’m a bit of a extroverted introvert and love people as much as I love space and time to myself. Give me the mountains or an empty beach over crowds.

+ I have a big heart and being real, authentic and honest are high up there for me. I’ll take deep soulful connection over a a mass of acquaintances any day.

+ I love Jesus, he is my fuel, my foundation and gives me purpose.


+ Life is pretty amazing and i’m incredibly thankful every morning that I get to wake up and experience it and give it all I have.

+ Thanks for showing up here. I would love to connect with you.

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire ~ Jennifer Lee.


Images on this page of me and my family were taken by Lauren from Love Her Wild Photography.