Rach & Steve | Frames of Hope Family Session | Sunshine Coast QLD |


November 2016 | Rach and Jules share a beautiful friendship and when I got a call from Jules about doing a surprise photo shoot for Rach before she headed in for chemo the following day, I knew that this was going to be a very special kind of day. I travelled to the Sunshine Coast and went to Rachel’s house where I met with Jules and a makeup artist. Rach rose from a rest and we explained what we were all doing there and that we wanted to give her some precious memories of her and her family together before she started a gruelling round of chemo the following day.

Rach got made up beautifully and then we headed down to Mooloolaba with her husband Steve and their two beautiful children. This beach holds many memories for them as it’s a place they often visit together as a family so it was the perfect setting for the shoot.

The car park was packed but we all got front row parks within minutes, the skies looked like they may open up but beautiful sun began to shine through, the beaches were crowded but the area we were at was unusually quiet.

It was such a beautiful afternoon and Rachel’s joy and laughter was infectious. Her and Steve laughed non-stop and their chemistry and love for each other and their children was tangible.

March 2017 update | I’m very sad to say that this beautiful mother passed away in March this year after a very courageous and inspiring journey with cancer. She fought right until the end, never gave up and the words she shared each day during her struggle were so inspiring and uplifting. In the midst of such hardness she was an incredible light to others. She is now in the arms of her loving father in heaven. You can read more and support more families going through similar struggles by visiting Frames of Hope.

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