I’m really looking forward to creating some beautiful images for you! To break things down and make it super simple for you to understand the process for your upcoming photoshoot, I’ve outlined how everything will work and share my top tips below to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible and so you’re confident in what to expect.

Once your session is confirmed:

I will touch base and send you through your invoice, contract and any questionnaires relevant to the session so I can get to know you and your family better!  Your deposit will be due within 7 days so I can lock in your session date and then the remaining amount is due to day prior to the session.

Week of the session:

I will touch base and make sure you are all ok to go ahead for your session and answer any further questions you have. We will also make a wet weather plan if it’s looking a little sketchy weather wise on the session day.

The day before the session:

Your final payment for the session is due. I’ll also touch base with you via email or text and confirm the session details one last time. I will also give you my phone number so you can contact me for anything on the session day.


> Outdoor Sessions:

We’ll meet up at our arranged location. If you’re delayed or stuck in traffic, please text and let me know. Once at the location, I’ll show you around and let you know where we’ll be shooting. If you have children I’ll spend some time getting to know them and helping them feel comfortable with me before I get my camera out and start the session.

I’m very intuitive with children and have three young ones of my own! I totally understand that they may be shy, nervous, tired or just having a bad day. I’ll do my very best to make the session super fun and as relaxing as possible for you all! If there’s any tips or info you would like to provide prior to the session about any of your family members, please do so in the questionnaire I send you. The session will last for around an hour, give or take a bit of time depending on how everything is going and whether I have all the shots I need. 

> In-Home Sessions:

When I arrive, I’ll introduce myself and spend some time getting to know you and your children. Then I’d love for you to give me a little tour of your house so I can have a look at the best areas in the home that have the best light. Natural light makes for beautiful images so I’ll get you to open up blinds and curtains and turn off any bright overhead lights if needed. 

The rest of the session will be really relaxed, i’ll give you some direction about what to do and where to go in the house depending on the style of shoot we are doing.

A day or two after your session:

I’ll post a sneak peek from our session together, usually on Instagram and Facebook so head over and follow me there if you don’t already.

Two weeks after your session:

I will contact you via email and deliver you your online gallery of images! This is the best part, I love sending you the gallery. You will be able to log in to your own online gallery and view and download your images here. You can also send this gallery to family and friends if they wish to view or download your photos as well. Your images will remain in this gallery for one month.

Prints & Albums:

Printing your images is so important and something I am super passionate about. I offer a printing service and also have a range of beautiful albums that you can choose from. If this is something you are interested in, we will chat after the session and can work out what you would like to order.


What to wear to your session:

This is obviously a biggie and a very common question. I have written a blog post giving you a heap of advice about what works really well at session and you can also check out my Pinterest Board of ideas below:

Get to know me:

If you don’t know much about me, you can head over here and get to know my story a little more.


I love referrals! If you love my photography style, it’s more than likely some of your friends may also. If you share your images online, on Instagram or Facebook and are able to link back to me, that would be super appreciated! You can find me online here – INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK

Your Feedback:

Getting your feedback on a session is so important and I really want to know what you think! If you can write me a review on Facebook, that is really appreciated as future customers want to hear first hand what a session is like and what they can really expect so your words are very valuable. If you do have any problems with your session, I am always here to chat and work out a solution the best way I can. If you want to have a look what past clients of mine have said, you can check out their words here.