December 31, 2018

2018 Personal Reflections

Biz + Personal thoughts on a very expansive year

What a year it’s been. I’ve been so humbled this year and am ridiculously thankful for all the beautiful souls who’ve invested in me to document their lives, tell their story and preserve a moment in time that can never be recreated. I honestly feel the weight of what I get to create and the honour it is to be invited into a sacred family space with a camera in hand.

Here is a little look at the beautiful families who invited me into their lives this year ~

I started off the year feeling a little lost. I was confused about the direction I was going and was still trying to figure out my own voice and style amongst the mass of voices out there. Over the course of 2018 I feel like I made great strides to finding myself. I figured out the direction I feel most aligned with and found what really sets my heart on fire and I feel like I’ve cemented my own style and voice through the images I make. All in all, 2018 was a game changer for me personally and for my business. 

This is my third year round the mountain for this little biz of mine. I’ve spent countless hours, late nights and many coffee fuelled sessions – planning, editing, shooting and building this baby of mine into what it is today. 

It takes a lot sacrifice and hard work but at the heart of it all, I absolutely love what I do and what I have been able to create.

There are always the doubts that creep in. The wondering if I’m crazy to be running my own business instead of heading back into the corporate world and continuing my work as a social worker. The doubt that maybe this will all dry up one day soon and I’ll be left trying to figure out what to do. The comparison gremlin that creeps in and tells me I’m not good enough or cool enough for this type of work. 

But you know what, it’s worth the risk and I’m not going anywhere! 

This year I invested in myself and my business. I took myself along to Amy Rushbrooks, Life Unmade Workshop in late 2017 and this year spent a day with Lauren from Love her Wild at her workshop and a weekend with the amazing girls from the Unravelled Academy for an immersive photography workshop in Byron. Through these gatherings and Instagram I’ve found the most beautiful, supportive and uplifting group of amazing women who are all entrepreneurs & photographers. (Big shout out to Britt, Jodi, Michelle, Jo, Hayley, Alannah, Daphne, Kaitlin and Rach, you girls have been an amazing support this year as well as my incredible hubby, Ori and my besties and family!) Together we cheer each other on and always have each other’s back. Finding this kind of community and support has been invaluable and a huge part of my growth this year.

Shout out to these beautiful ladies! Kaitlin, Jodi, Mish, Jo and Rach. Our biz mastermind weekend together was so good!
A very close up shot of our mugs haha! So glad our paths crossed. hayley / @hw_photography

When I started my business in early 2016, I also started a project called Frames of Hope. Being able to work on it more this year, dream and plan what it can become and how it can touch more lives, has been amazing and challenging.


I have so many BIG plans for this project but I have come to learn that I have to surrender to the season I’m in and over time I’ll be able to build it and expand it. The heart of it started with me and that will never stop. Being able to gift sessions to families facing great challenges and those that overcome them and being able to share their powerful stories of hope is something that fuels me, fills me and changes me everytime. I’m so much more aware of the fragility of life and how in an instant it can end… but that doesn’t scare me. Instead it propels me to live in the moment, to be grateful everyday for the people and opportunities I’m surrounded by and to pick up my camera and document our days when it’s the right time and to be aware when a camera isn’t needed and being present is more than enough. 

As I sit here and write this, the sun is setting on the last day of 2018. I’m on our deck watching my three little ones swim in our pool. Playing recklessly, loudly and without a care in the world. This is childhood. This is family. This is us.

Our home holds our most intimate memories. It’s where we live, grow up together and figure out who we are in this big wide world. It’s our safe place and our anchor. It’s not the house, but it’s us who inhabit it. I always tell my kids that we’ve been hand picked for each other. God chose us to be a family. He could of placed us in any home but he knew we would fit perfectly together. These are my people, my heartbeat and the ones I love most dear. 

I long to document their life. To preserve our memories and to record the stories that will make them into the adults they will one day become. We aren’t guaranteed life and a certain number of days. Every day really is a gift to be celebrated, treasured and lived honestly and fully. It’s certainly not all smiles and smooth sailing. There are incredibly tough seasons, tragedies that change us, the trenches of motherhood that feel pretty deep and dark at times and many other obstacles that come our way.

I hope that through my work I can celebrate and embrace each of these seasons for what they are and the hope that can be found in them. I love documenting life with a lens that captures the honesty and whole hearted reality of family ~ quirks, chaos, intimacy and all.

Family is where my heart is at and the reason why I do this. Your story is valuable and I hope if you’re reading this we cross paths one day. 

Here’s to an amazing 2019!

Bec x