A week camping by the beach ~ Personal Photos

When I was about six years old, my parents were living apart and my dad visited us during one of the school holiday breaks and he took my sisters and me to this beautiful spot near Byron Bay, called Broken Head. I have the best memories of this campground and since that day we spent together and I’ve always wanted to get back there one day.

25 years later I found myself doing just that with my own little fam! Our friends camp here every year and asked us to come along for a week hanging by the beach so it was a huge yes from us and our first real camping trip. Safe to say it was a whole lot of fun and an crazy fun and unpredictable experience. Flat air mattresses, a tent that was way too small to house the five of us and not much outdoor cover on wet days made it a week we won’t forget and intimate family time of the best kind!

I took my camera along as I find being on holidays is such an amazing time to slow down, really see what’s unfolding and have time to create and document the moments that really speak to me.

Here are a collection of some fav images from our camping adventure.