Hey there mama! I’m sure you’re totally aware of how fleeting time is. 

Soon enough you’ll be the one sitting around the dinner table with your grandchildren starting sentences with “back in my day”. Your every day now is destined to be a source of wonder in years to come, enriched with stories, tales and real authentic love.

I want to preserve these days for you, these memories and these family moments. In years to come, I want you to be able to look back and see the real, beautiful and honest moments that unfolded in your life with your loves.

It can look like, running across beaches, exploring the forest, wading in the water at sunset. Lazy afternoons at home snuggling in bed with your kiddies. Running a muck around the house, cooking up a storm, whispering secrets, hand holding, and high fives. Every story is so different and no session the same. I cannot wait to capture yours.

These are the stories that make us, don’t let them escape.