Your life in motion ~  The launch of Family Storytelling Films

I’ve had the desire to start offering family films for a while now as they are some of my most treasured keepsakes that I have of my own children. Being able to see the way my children look at each other, their first steps, the way their hair blows, the sound of their voice and being able to get in the frame with them as a beautiful record of our lives together, nothing compares to that! 

Photos are one layer of preserving our story, but films evoke emotions in an entirely new way and every one I’ve delivered so far has brought so many nostalgic tears. I feel so compelled to offer these for families and to preserve this stage of a families life because I know that in years to come these lives of ours, all under one roof, will look so dramatically different. 

‘We get 18 delicious summers with our children. This is one of your 18. If that’s not perspective, I don’t know what is.’ Jessica Scott.

This quote has been floating around the inter webs lately and of course it struck a nerve with me. It hits you at your emotional core. These days are fleeting and even though being in the trenches of parenthood is certainly not easy at times and not always ‘delicious’ by any standard ~ I don’t think I’ve met an older person yet, well beyond their child rearing years, whose kids are grown and gone off to forge their own lives, that has not told me to ‘enjoy these years with my little ones as they go so fast!’. I use to get annoyed at how often people would say that to me, as if I didn’t already have that appreciation for the opportunity to have children or something but my view has slowly shifted as my three children have grown, my eldest now on the brink of turning 8. 

I honestly want it to slow down and I totally get why so many people say that to me now. It goes quickly guys! These days with little ones are so full of early mornings, endless feeding of hungry months, cleaning floors and high chairs, changing nappies, tackling ridiculously big washing piles, tearful kindly drop offs, hours upon hours each week of school runs, homework, dinners, squeezing work into small pockets of time and falling into bed too late and ready to go again at a crazy early hour. It’s busy but gosh I do love it. When I take a step back and look at what I have and the little ones I’m blessed to nourish, guide and help lead into adulthood, I’m realising that this is just one season of my life and a pretty short one in the whole scheme of things. One that is so incredibly rich with memories that I want to hit freeze on and record, and films do just that! 

It all started for me here. Making films like this one below of my beautiful kiddies. This is us, this is what we get up to after a long day at school. These are the days I want to remember always!

If you would like your family story documented in a beautiful family film, head over here to check out all the details. Limited spots available for film sessions. 

Want to know what a film & photo session is like?

Check out these two recent sessions below ~

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