Top 5 places to order prints online

The Story Keeper

One of my passions as a photographer is memory keeping and creating tangible items that embody your precious moments in time for years to come. This is where The Story Keeper stemmed from, this continual series explores all areas of creating, preserving, organising and maintaining your own family story.

If you’re after some prints, these are some of my favourite places to order prints online.

Have you ever had some images printed at Kmart or a department store and walked away wondering why they’ve been cropped badly, the image is pixelated or the colours seem way off? When it comes to printing, you definitely pay for what you get.  Professional printing labs monitor the quality of the chemicals in their printers, they analyse the colours and they offer a range of paper stock that will last a whole lot longer and not generally go yellow after a year or so like cheap photo prints. Here is a roundup of my favourite places to print photos from local Australian print labs.

Australian based print labs ~


This is a newer printing lab and I love what they have to offer! They offer three sizes of photo prints and the ordering process is super simple. They also deliver their prints in a great little sturdy box which is perfect for storing loose prints or keeping them in a child’s memory box. I have ordered both prints and the flat lay album from Oliphan and the quality has been great.


Fred Snow

These guys know how to print and they do it really well! They specialise in prints only and offer a variety of paper types depending on what you’re after such as matte, lustre and fine art prints. So if you’re looking for some more custom print paper options definitely check these guys out. 

Fred Snow also offers scanning services so if you have some old film or slides lying around, you can get them scanned and printed. I have boxes of slides from my childhood so I will definitely be looking into getting my favourite images scanned and printed.


RGB Digital

I have been using this print lab for my own personal prints for years. They offer a large selection of products from prints right through to canvases and framed prints. They also have a great guide to Ikea sized frame prints so you can easily order the sizing that you need. They have desktop software that you download to your computer and then you can easily submit your order online.


Brilliant Prints – BPRO

This is another Australian print lab that I highly recommend and also use for personal prints and frames and also for my professional client prints and products. They have amazing customer service and are priced really well for the quality products they offer.


Origrami (great square and polaroid print options)

This is my go-to print lab for ordering square prints for my children’s memory keeping books and making wall displays with my phone images. They offer a great range of square, rectangle and polaroid style prints and magnets. You even have the option to print Instagram images and have the captions printed to the back of the print. The paper is really thick and I love the little boxes they are delivered in!


International based print labs ~

There is an amazing range of print labs across the globe and these are a handful of my favourites. Whenever I can, I tend to opt for local labs here in Australia as I love supporting local businesses and the shipping and currency conversion can be pretty steep when ordering internationally. That said, these labs offer some pretty incredible products, some which can’t be found here.

Artifact Uprising (US-based)

These guys can do no wrong! I love everything they offer and their branding and blog tutorials on a range of memory keeping topics are incredible. They offer a huge range of print products from loose prints to photo books, greeting cards, frames, baby books, calendars and more.


Artifact Uprising (US-based) – board books

Artifact has launched a product that deserves special mention if you’re after a specialised gift for your own child or someone else. They have Baby Board Book that you can fill with your own photos and words. These books have thick pages, durable construction, and are made for small hands and lots of use.


Parabo Press (US-based)

This print lab offers a great range of print products, such as loose prints, calendars, framed prints, albums and my fav product which is the large engineered prints which are perfect when you want your favourite images blown up BIG. You can order wood rails as well to easily hang your prints up. These look amazing as wall art and are definitely worth checking out.

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