Preparing your children for a sunset photo session | Gold Coast family photographer

It’s not lost on me at all how tricky it can be having a shoot at sunset.. aka crazy hour when you have little babes and toddlers in tow.

The number one thing to do is let go of expectations of how you might imagine things should go and trust your photographer and your kid’s leading. Remember the reason why you booked a shoot in the first place. Know your why and the reason these images matter. It’s you and the beautiful souls you have been gifted to do life with and the rest of the details are not nearly as important as that. Show up ready to play, to love on your babies, to explore with them and to follow their leading. Let your little ones adventure and just surrender to the process.

It’s then that you will realise it’s not always about the epic backdrop the kids couldn’t manage to trek to or the hair that doesn’t stay in place or the clothes that got wet early on in the shoot. It’s not about perfection because life with kid’s never is. It’s messy, chaotic, exhausting and the most heart expansive and beautiful journey we can ever embark on. Let’s celebrate that!

Here’s a look at a recent session with Chloe and Kall. They were total champs who braved the afternoon with their two little boys in tow, only 12 months apart in age. We laughed, we got soaked and we surrendered to the joys of this season of life and captured it in all its beauty. Forever thankful for the families that trust me with these memories. Heart full!

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